List Of Sura's

Al-Ahzab (The Armies of Enemies)


They think that the armies of enemies have not gone away. And if the armies of enemies should come (again) they would love to be (away) in the desert among the desert Arabs, asking for news about you, and had they been among you they would not have fought, except a little. (R 2)
“Same to Verse No.9”


In the messenger of Allah, there is indeed a good example for you to follow, for him who expects (to meet) Allah and (the coming of) the period hereafter and remembers Allah much.
“Same to Verse No.9”


And when the believers saw the armies of enemies, they said, “”This is what Allah and His messenger promised us and Allah and His messenger spoke the truth.”” And nothing increased in them except belief and submission.
“Same to Verse No.9”


Among the believers are men who are true to the agreement which they made with Allah, so among them is he who has fulfilled his vow and among them is he who waits, and they have not changed (by) changing (themselves),
“Same to Verse No.9”


“Same to Verse No.9”


And those who did not believe were turned back by Allah in their anger, they did not attain any good, and Allah was sufficient for the believers in the fighting, and Allah is certainly Strong, Mighty.
“Same to Verse No.9”


And He brought down those from among the owners of the book who helped the (enemies), from their fortresses, and He cast terror into their hearts, a party (of them) you killed and a party you took as prisoners.
“Same to Verse No.9”


And He made you heirs of their land and their houses and their wealth and the land on which you had not (even) put your feet (earlier), and Allah has power over everything. (R 3)
“Same to Verse No.9”


These are some personal instructions to Prophet Muhammed (PBH) and his wives (RA)


but if you intend (to seek) Allah and His messenger and the home of the hereafter, then Allah has certainly prepared a great reward for those who are doers of good among you.””
“Same to Verse No.28”


“Same to Verse No.28”


“Same to Verse No.28”


O wives of the prophet! you are not like any other of the women. If you (wish to) guard (against evil), then do not be soft in your speech (when you talk to other men), lest he in whose heart is a disease, (misunderstandingly) hope, but speak (in) words recognized (as good).
“Same to Verse No.28”


And stay in your houses and do not expose yourselves (in the manner of the) exposition of the earlier days of ignorance (before Islam), and establish worship (salat) and give charity (zakat) and obey Allah and His messenger. Allah only intends to remove the uncleanliness from you, O people of the house, and clean you (with a good) cleaning.
“Same to Verse No.28”


And remember that which is recited in your houses of the signs of Allah and the wisdom (its explanation by the messenger of Allah). Allah is certainly Subtilety Informed. (R 4)
“Same to Verse No.28”


The Muslim men and the Muslim women, and the believing men and the believing women, and the obedient men and the obedient women and the truthful men and the truthful women and the patient men and the patient women, and the humble men and the humble women and the men who give charity and the women who give charity, and the men who fast and the women who fast and the chaste men and the chaste women and the men who remember Allah much and the women who remember; Allah is certainly (ready for their) protective forgiveness and has prepared a great reward for them.
Various types of good men and women are promised protective forgiveness and a great reward


It does not befit a believing man or a believing woman, when Allah and His messenger have decided an affair, to have for themselves any choice in their affair, and he who disobeys Allah and His messenger, has indeed gone astray (into) clear error.
A believer is defined as a person who does not exercise his choice when Allah (SWT) and His messenger (PBH) have given a decision i.e. he does not go against the instructions contained in the Quran and Hadees for which he has to acquire the knowledge of Quran, Hadees and life of Prophet Muhammed (PBH).


And when you said to him (Zaid) whom Allah had favored and whom you (too) had favored, “”Retain your wife with you and fear Allah.”” And you kept secret in your soul that which Allah was to expose and you did fear human beings while Allah has the greater right that you should fear Him. Then, when Zaid fulfilled the necessary (formalities) of (divorcing) her, We joined her to you in marriage, so that there should be no blame on the believers in marrying the wives of their adopted sons, when they fulfill the necessary (formalities) of (divorcing) them, and the order of Allah was to be executed.
These are again personal instructions to Prophet Muhammed (PBH).


“Same to Verse No.37”


“Same to Verse No.37”