List Of Sura's

Al-Hijr (The Rocky Tract)


And We have made for you means of livelihood therein, and for him (too) for whom you are not the providers.
“Same to Verse No.19”


And there is not a single thing but with Us are treasures of it and We do not send it down but in a known measure (according to a program).
“Same to Verse No.19”


“Same to Verse No.19”


And certainly, it is We Who bring to life and cause to die and We are the Inheritors.
“Same to Verse No.19”


And We indeed know those of you who have (lived and) gone before (you) and We indeed know those who are (yet) to come.
“Same to Verse No.19”


And your Fosterer will certainly gather them (all), He is certainly Wise, Knowing. (R 2)
“Same to Verse No.19”


And We had created man from mud containing black particles # (which were) processed {2}. [# Probably carbon compounds]
Adam (PBH): All human beings have been created from one male and one female 49:13 Adam and his wife Hawwa (PBT) 7:27, 4:1. Allah (SWT) taught Adam (PBH) the names of all things i.e. imparted knowledge to him 2:31, blew into him from His spirit 15:29 and made the angels (or incharges of energies) to bow down before him. Iblis, a Jinn 18:50, did not bow down before him considering himself superior to him, Adam was created from clay (matter) and Iblis from fire (energy) 7:11-12. Adam (PBH) was warned that the devil (Iblis) is an enemy of man and he may drive him and his wife out of the comfortable garden 20:117 where Adam and Hawwa (PBT) were asked to stay but with the prohibition of going near a particular tree 2:35. Adam (PBH) not only forgot this prohibition but also had no determination in him 20:115 and was therefore misled by the devil who deceived and tempted them both to eat from the forbidden tree, stating that Allah (SWT) had forbidden that tree because both of them would become angels or immortals after eating from it. They thus fell into the trap and ate from the tree on account of which their shame became manifest to them and they started covering themselves with the leaves of the garden. Before eating from the tree, they were not conscious of their shame probably like animals. Due to their disobedience, they were sent out of the garden probably with the curse that some of you will be the enemies of others 7:20- 25. Then on their repentance Allah (SWT) forgave them and communicated to them that guidance to lead life in the earth would come to them from Him, so whoever follows this guidance he will neither have fear nor grief and those who reject it will be the inmates of hell 2:37-39. Thus Adam (PBH) and his progeny were made successors or rulers of the earth 2:30, 6:166 to establish the legislation of Allah (SWT) which came from time to time through different messengers sent to different nations. The final Divine message containing laws to establish the kingdom of Allah (SWT) was the Holy Quran and the last messenger of Allah (SWT) Muhammed (PBH) 33:40 was sent to the whole mankind till the end of this world. The descendants of Adam (PBH) i.e. human beings other than Adam and Hawwa (PBT) were created from Turab, Nutfa, Alaqa 22:5 and sulaalatim-min-tiin 23:12. Turaab is the top soil 2:264 and sulaalatim-min- tiin means something taken out from clay probably meaning plant nutrients. We eat plants as well as the cattle who also eat plants. This food supplies the material for the synthesis of sperm and egg in man and woman respectively. Creation of man from the soil and extraction from clay would mean the material from which the sperm and egg were created and on which human beings depend for their later survival too. How were the first human beings Adam and Hawwa, the first parents created? The answer to this question is given in the Quran as follows: – “………… and He (Allah) began the creation of man (Insaan i.e. Adam) from clay (tiin) then made his progeny from something taken out (sulaalah) from the (seminal) fluid (which is) weakened after vigour (sperm and egg)” 32:7-8. “O mankind! fear your Fosterer Who created you from a single soul (Adam) and created from it, its mate (Hawwa) and spread from these two many men and women” 4:1. It is clear that creation of Adam and Hawwa (PBT) was not from the sperm and egg as in the case of their progeny. The creation of Adam (PBH) was from clay 38:71, mud 15:28 etc. These facts indicate that Adam (PBH) did not have parents like us. It is very clear from the Quran that Allah (SWT) adopts two methods in bringing things into existence.

1. Through gradual and progressive changes as in the case of the birth of normal human beings 22:5, 23:12-14 and
2. Abrupt or instantaneously
a) Creation of a snake from the wooden staff of Musa (PBH) 7:107-108
b) Creation of a live bird from the form a bird moulded in clay (tiin), a miracle performed through Isa(PBH)3:44-49
c) transformation of sinning human beings into apes and pigs 2:65, 5:60, 7:166. These abrupt changes are known as ‘Miracles’ because they appear to be against all known laws of nature. Miracles are performed only by Allah (SWT) mostly through his messengers, for whom they are proofs of their messengership. No one else can perform such miracles going against the laws of nature except Allah (SWT) who has not only framed these laws but can also break them, its a challenge and a miracle cannot be explained scientifically. The birth of normal human beings is in accordance with normal laws of nature framed by Allah (SWT). It is possible that Adam (PBH) was created from mud, clay etc like the live bird created from clay through Isa (PBH) 3:45-49. The creations of Adam and Hawwa (PBT) appears to be miracles defying all the known laws of nature as we have understood them. Isa (PBH) was created without a father 3:47, Adam and Hawwa (PBH) appear to have been created without a father and a mother. This is not difficult for Allah (SWT) because He is All powerful 2:20 and when He intends anything He just says ‘Be’ and it is 16:40. Adam and Hawwa (PBT) were asked to go down (Ahbituu) from the garden 2:38. Words associated with ‘Ahbituu’ are used in the Quran for going down of someone by himself or falling down of something by itself from a higher place on earth to a lower level on earth itself 2:61, 2:74, 11:48. Therefore the garden refered to above appears to have been on earth itself but at a higher altitude. The garden from which Adam and Hawwa (PBT) were sent down appears to be different from the garden of paradise because it is presently unseen 19:61. In view of this it appears that Adam (PBH) was created from clay (tiin) fraction of the mud (salsaal) taken from the top soil (turaab) of the earth. If the verses 20:55, 53:32 and 71:17-18 in which the creation, production and growth of mankind from earth is mentioned, also includes Adam (PBH), it further supports the assumption that Adam (PBH) was created from the material belonging to the earth and the garden from which he was sent out along with Hawwa (PBH) was also on earth. Allah (SWT) has not mentioned clearly the manner in which He created Adam and Hawwa (PBT), and we cannot know it unless He informs us 2:255. He has kept it a secret. It is therefore better to leave it as secret compared to making erratic guesses. He said, ‘Be’ and they were there 2:117, 16:40. Abwab: The singular and plural forms of these alphabets mean doors (of a room which can be closed) 12:23, (entering through) the gate 4:154, door of severe punishment (adversity) 23:77, gates of everything (prosperity) 6:44. In paradise angels will enter from every gate 13:23, gates of paradise will be kept open for those who guard against evil 38:50, hell has seven gates 15:44, gates of the sky will not be opened for the deniers and the proud and they will not enter paradise until the camel passes the eye of the needle 7:40 [This indicates that paradise is beyond the earth somewhere in the sky] Gates of the sky are opened for water to pour forth (as rain) 54:11. In 24:43 it is stated “…… so you see the rain coming out of the spaces in between them” these spaces are probably referred to as gates. On the day of decision when it is blown into the trumpet (or the structure of the universe) the sky will be opened so that it will become gates 78:17-19. A door or a gate is an opening for entering or going out of an enclosed space, something becoming gates would mean that there would be no enclosure, there will be only an open space. This probably refers to the collapsing of the universe 21:104.

Origin of Life and Creation of Man:

Past Life:

Biologists and palaeontologists have shown that life on earth was not the same in the past as it is now. This inference is drawn from the study of fossils, which are the resistant parts or moulds of extinct animals and plants preserved in sediments deposited in water. These fossils help us in deciphering how life evolved. Life has changed continuously, it was very simple in early stages but with passing time plants and animals became more and more complex. This observation has given rise to the theory that the present living beings have gradually evolved from ancestors which were different from them.

Origin of Life:

Biologists going through the history of life are still trying to reach some point when life first appeared on this planet. The exact date is of course not known, but it is estimated that life might have made its first appearance somewhere between” 500 and 3,000 Million years back. Whether life appeared at one place on the surface of the earth at one particular instant of time or whether it was spontaneously created at various places and times is also not known.

Most scientists are of the opinion that life came into being on earth rather than arriving full-blown from outer space and that its coming into being involved the accumulation of non-living earthy materials into aggregates of molecules able to grow, react to environmental stimuli and reproduce themselves more or less faithfully generation after generation. The appearance of living beings is associated with the epoch when torrents of warm water fell from the sky on the slowly cooling surface of the earth forming extensive ocean basins which have always been recognised as the cradle of primeval life. These basins of deposition i.e. lakes, seas and oceans, in addition to other mineral matter, contained clays which are extremely small in panicle size and various chemical elements in solution. Every organism seems to require atleast 20 chemical elements and perhaps traces of several others. It may be no accident, that the elements essential to life are universally present in sea water. Water itself makes a major portion of all living beings. Following verses of the Quran appear to have a bearing on this subject:

“And Allah has created every moving creature from water” (Q. Chapter: 24 Verse 45)

“And He (Allah) it is Who created man from water…. (Q. Chapter: 25 Verse 54)

According to most geologists, the earth during its early history was very hot, chemical activity must have been rapid and atoms were therefore, forming and reforming into many kinds of molecules. It is assumed that the young earth had an atmosphere, composed primarily of water vapour, ammonia and methane. It is reasoned that under such conditions, simple organic substances i.e. molecules containing several carbon atoms, might have formed. Methane, ammonia and water vapour contain the kinds of atoms needed to form aminoacids. The creation of self-duplicating and energy gathering molecules from aminoacids is the essential step in the appearance of life. The energy required to form these compounds could have come from the heat of the earth and from the electric energy of lightning. Over Millions of years, an accumulation of such organic compounds within oceans, seas and lakes might have produced a kind of hot thin soup. In this thin organic soup, it is likely that simple organic compounds were concentrated, perhaps on clay flakes and ultimately bonded together to form the larger molecules that seemed to be the building blocks of all living things. Finally, it is supposed that by eventually coming together these larger molecules might have formed a simple kind of “living thing”. We can imagine a transition rather than a sharp line between complicated non-living things and simple living organisms. In ‘the transition from dead matter to living beings, organisms like the virus might have developed which are crystalline like inanimate matter and multiply like living beings. Thus, living creatures on earth appear to be a direct product of the earth. The transition of dead matter to living material and vice versa is confirmed by the Quran in the following words:

“Certainly, (it is) Allah Who splits the grain and the date stone (seed). He brings forth the living (animate) from the dead (inanimate) and He is the bringer forth of the dead from the living.” (Q. Chapter: 6 Verse 96).

Evolution and Migration of Life:

Evolution is the name given to the comprehensive plan of sequence in all natural events. Organisms are inherently plastic and capable of changing. This ability of life to assume various forms and to achieve various reactions in order to survive is the real significant theme that runs through the past history of life. The implication of evolution is that all life has been derived from one or few simple living beings. The germs of life once they came into existence started an evolutionary course towards higher and more diversified forms. No new organism came into existence till its food in the form of lower plants and animals had already come into existence. Once established, life could spread rapidly as long as food sources were available. As food sources declined, competition set in and only the most efficient survived. Life was not stationary, organisms migrated, dispersed themselves in various directions from their place of origin according to prevailing Opportunities and conditions. The Quran states:

“And there is not an animal in the earth nor a bird that flies on its two wings but (they are) communities (species) like those of yours…” (Q. Chapter: 6 Verse 38)

Life: Result of God’s Will or Chance:

One of the most important reasons which makes Muslims discard the theory of evolution is that most of the supporters of this theory ascribe the origin of life to chance accumulation of matter in a particular form to give rise to life, they do not feel the necessity of believing God to be the Creator because they feel that chance, accidents, laws of nature, evolution etc., can explain everything from an atom to man and the universe. Following passage on Chance’ by Mottram, a writer of science, might serve as a good argument against the possibility of things coming into existence by chance and thus convince us to accept God as the Creator. ‘The inert lifeless matter of our planet sprang into life under the influence of natural forces and the simple living things so generated were gradually and slowly moulded by other natural forces into the multitudinous, wonderful, delightful, beautiful, intricate, grotesque, ugly but always entrancing manifestations of life around us i.e. we descend from specks of jelly-like living material which evolved out of inanimate matter. Scientists suggest that carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and sulphur kept on barging into each other, combining and recombining by chance, until accidentally, one day they gave rise to protein, and complex reactions of proteins constitute the phenomena we call life. By chance, in the past, something like virus, supposed to be the missing link between inanimate mater and living things, originated. Then all life evolved from them, it was all chance. Chance brought the required elements together. Chance enabled them to form protein. Chance enabled life to evolve, everything from molecule to man can be explained by evolution and that is by chance. Charles Eugene Guye, a Swiss mathematician calculated the chance of manufacturing a single molecule of some simple protein-like substance and also the amount of material which would have to be shaken together to do it. The probability against protein ‘happening’ is very great indeed. The odds against winning the protein stakes are 100 multiplied by itself 160 times to one. Also, the amount of material necessary to produce that one molecule is much greater than (lie material comprising the whole universe. Sixtellion, sixtellion, sixtellion times greater. For it to occur on one small planet it would need endless years, 10 multiplied by itself 243 times. It does not look probable that even simple proteins can be manufactured by chance. Prof. J.B. Leathes calculated, that the number of ways in which the protein links in the chain of a quite simple protein can be put together, is 10 multiplied by itself 48 times. And the virus protiens are complicated proteins which consideration makes it all the more unlikely that chance made them. It looks as though an intelligent, purposeful mind must have stepped in when matter on earth had cooled sufficiently and created proteins and endowed them with life’. (Science in Perspective Denys Thompson, A scienctific basis for belief in God.)

Creation of Man:

If the principle of organic evolution is valid, man as a physical being has a succession of ancestors extending far back to the history of life on earth and in common with other plants and animals might have evolved from one or few simple living beings, having passed through various stages of plant and animal life, taking Millions of years to reach his present form. This conclusion is based on indirect evidences such as, fossils, similarities in embryos and other biological aspects of man and some animals. Biologically, man is regarded as a vertebrate, a mammal and a primal. Let us see what the Quran states on the subject of origin of man:

Substance of Creation:

1. “He (Allah) it is Who created you from clay…” (Q. Chapter: 6 Verse 2)
2. “And We had created man from mud (containing sand and clay) with black (carbon particles) which had traversed…” (Q. Chapter: 15 Verse 26)
3. “And We have created man from something taken out from wet clay…” (Q. Chapter: 23 Verse 12)
4. “…and He began the creation of man from clay.” (Q. Chapter: 32 Verse 7).
5. “…We certainty created them (men) from sticking clay.” (Q. Chapter: 37 Verse 11).
6. “And Allah created you from the soil.” (Q. Chapter: 35 V.H)
7. “He created man from mud (containing sand and clay), like (that used in) pottery.” (Q. Chapter: 55 Verse 14)
8. “When your Fosterer said to the angels I am creating man from clay, so when I set him in balance and I breathe into him of My spirit, then fall bowing down before him.” (Q. Chapter: 38 Verses 71-72)

The Arabic words used for indicating the material from which man’s creation was started are teen, turab etc., which have been translated as clay, soil, mud etc. probably to emphasise on the degree of fineness of the material used. Atoms, molecules and colloids such as clays, are finest materials known to science. Do the Quranic verses cited above, convey the meaning that man’s creation was started from matter existing in a very fine state such as atoms, molecules or colloids? While discussing the origin of the universe, we will see that the material from which the universe was created was hydrogen according to the science and smoke or vapour according to the Quran. Terms like smoke, dust, mud etc. are easily understood by common man, whereas the understanding of the terms like hydrogen, atoms, molecules, colloids etc., requires a scientific background, besides such words in Arabic language, were not in existence at the time of the revelation of the Quran.

In a book like the Quran, which is to be read by people of all standards and all times, including those of the past generations when the knowledge of scientific subjects was definitely less than what it is now. General terms such as smoke, clay etc., are bound to be used. The reason applied for considering vapour or smoke to mean hydrogen can be applied in the case of origin of man and the terms clay, dust, mud etc., could he taken to mean atoms, molecules or colloids. If, this reasoning is correct, then the material from which man was created would be the same both according to the Quran and science. Besides, clay or mud also contain organic matter and all are composed of atoms and molecules. We are, however, not sure whether the clay, or mud from which man’s creation was started, belonged to the earth or some other heavenly body where according to cosmo-chemistry, atoms and molecules of various chemical elements including some organic compounds, have been found to occur. The Quran on the same subject further states:

“And Allah created every moving creature from water…” (Q. Chapter: 24 Verse 45).

“And He (Allah) Is is Who created man from the water…” (Q, Chapter: 25 Verse 54).

Do these verses indicate, that the creation of all living beings, including man, started in and from water which contained atoms, molecules and colloids of different elements and thus confirms the inference drawn by science that life originated in water or it refers to water which all living beings contain in their bodies or water that sustains life?

Place of Creation:

On the subject of place of creation of man, following verses of the Quran deserve consideration:

1. “From it (earth) We created you and into it We shall send you back and from it will We raise you a second time.” (Q. Chapter: 20 Verse 55)
2. “…He knows you best when He brings you forth from the earth and when you are embryos in the wombs of your mothers, so do not attribute purity to your souls…” (Q. Chapter: 53 Verse 32)
3. “And Allah has made you grow out of the earth as a growth, then He returns you to it, then will He bring you forth a (new) bringing forth.” (Q. Chapter: 71 Verses 17 & 18)

These verses may refer to mankind in general. Parents take food which is a product of the earth and which is & converted to sperm in man and egg in a woman, which again on combining give birth to human offspring. This would not only mean that mankind has been created from earth but also that mankind grew out of the earth as a growth, in a manner similar to plants which grow out of the earth by taking their food from the earth. Contrary to this, if the above Quranic verses refer to the original creation of man, then clay, soil or mud from which man’s creation was started, belonged to the earth.

Manner of Creation:

Let us try to find out from the Quran, the manner in which man reached his present physical state, whether through evolution i.e. bypassing through various stages of plant and animal life as believed by scientists or by first being moulded in the form of a statue of mud and life being put into him later, as narrated in various Islamic traditions other than the Quran. Following verses of the Quran deserve consideration in this regard:

“There surely came over man a period of time when he was not a thing that could be spoken of. (Q. Chapter: 76 Verse 1)

“Say: Travel in the earth and see how He makes (he first creation, then Allah creates the later creation; surely Allah has power over all things.” (Q. Chapter: 29 Verse 20)

Do these verses refer to past life and fossils which made scientists believe in the evolution of life?

“And indeed, He has created you through various grades.” (Q. Chapter: 71 Verse 14)

This verse could refer to various stages encountered during the birth of human beings or to stages of knowledge and civilization or to stages of evolution.

“He it is Who has produced you from a single soul.” (Q. Chapter: 6 Verse 99)

Does this verse indicate that the evolution of man started from a single living being, similar to the present-day amoeba, which is capable of multiplying itself by subdivision; and thus, confirms the inference of science that life originated through a single or few simple living beings?


If man is really the product of biological evolution, then scientists have correctly understood and explained the problem of origin and evolution of life. But understanding the mechanism of origin and evolution of life is no basis for denying the existence of God and ascribing all happenings to chance. In fact, the mechanism of origin and evolution of man and the universe he lives in, which scientists have understood, should not only make them believe in the existence and powers of God but also make them bow down before Him in admiration. However, convincing the theory of evolution might appear, it cannot be considered as the final word on the subject and as reliable as the Quran, which neither supports nor denies evolution in clear and understandable terms. In view of the facts that God transformed the wooden staff of Moses into live snake, he created Jesus Christ without a father and made him mould a live bird out of clay, the possibility of man having been created in the form of a statue of mud or some other manner cannot be totally ruled out. In the absence of conclusive scientific proof in support of evolution and decisive information from the Quran, it is difficult to state conclusively whether man is a product of evolution or was created in some other manner.

One thing is definite: ALLAH CREATED MAN.


“Same to Verse No.26”


And when your Fosterer said to the angels, “”I am creating man {3} from mud containing black particles (which were) processed,
“Same to Verse No.26”
Basheer Means an Informer:

Does the word Bashr used for man also convey the sense, that man will be an informer, a news giver? If we analyze our social contacts, most of the time, we either receive information or give out information. In view of this how appropriate is the word Bashr representing man.


so when I set him up in equilibrium and blow into him of My spirit, then fall bowing down to him.””
“Same to Verse No.26”


“Same to Verse No.26”


“Same to Verse No.26”


He (Allah) said, “”O Iblis! what is your reason for your not being of those who bowed down?””
“Same to Verse No.26”


He (Iblis) said, “”I am not one to bow down to man whom You created from mud containing black particles (which were) processed.””
“Same to Verse No.26”


He said, “”Then get out of it, for you are certainly driven away,
“Same to Verse No.26”


and there is certainly a curse on you till the day of judgment.””
“Same to Verse No.26”


He said, “”My Fosterer! so give me time till the day they are raised.””
“Same to Verse No.26”


He said, “”So you are of those who are given time
“Same to Verse No.26”


till the day, the timing of which is known.””
“Same to Verse No.26”


He said, “”My Fosterer! because You have removed me from the way, I will definitely make (evil) fair seeming to them in the earth and I will definitely remove all of them from the way (leading to paradise),
“Same to Verse No.26”