List Of Sura's

Ar-Ra’d (The Thunder)


“Same to Verse No.18”


“Same to Verse No.18”


“Same to Verse No.18”


gardens of ever lasting bliss which they will enter along with those who were righteous from among their parents (forefathers) and their spouses and their descendants. And the angels will enter on them from every gate (saying),

“Same to Verse No.18”


“”Peace be on you because of your patience,”” so (for them is) happiness of the final (good) home.

“Same to Verse No.18”


And those who break the agreement of Allah after having pledged it, and cut off that which Allah has commanded that it should be joined, and cause corruption in the earth, for such persons there will be the curse and for them will be the evil home.

“Same to Verse No.18”


Allah enlarges the provision for whom He wills and straitens (it for whomever and whenever He wills). And they are happy with the life of this world and the life of this world, compared to the hereafter, is nothing but (temporary) enjoyment. (R 3)

There are many highly qualified people who do not earn enough money to support their families while on the other hand, there are many illiterates who earn in lakhs. Some people work very hard to earn their livelihood while others enjoy life through the wealth they inherited from their forefathers without putting in any effort. This clearly proves that earning of wealth is not in accordance with one’s qualification or labour but in accordance with the will of Allah (SWT) He makes whomever He wills rich and whomever He wills poor. The enjoyment of the infidels in the life of this world is temporary while the enjoyment of the believers in the hereafter is ever lasting.


And those who do not believe say, “”Why is not a sign sent down on him from his Fosterer?”” Say, “”Allah certainly leaves in error whom He wills and guides to Himself those who turn (to Him),

The demand for a miracle is repeated by those whom Allah (SWT) has left in error. He guides towards Himself those who turn to Him while believing and whose hearts find peace in His remembrance. It’s a rule that hearts are at peace when Allah (SWT) is remembered or kept in mind, for such people who also do righteous deeds there is paradise.


“Same to Verse No.27”


Those who believe and do righteous works, for them is pleasing good and a beautiful place of return.””

“Same to Verse No.27”


Thus We have sent you to a community, before whom other communities have passed away, that you may read to them that which We have communicated to you, yet they do not believe in the Beneficent (Allah). Say, “”He is my Fosterer, there is no god except Him, in Him do I put my trust and to Him do I turn.””

Muhammed (PBH) had communicated the Quran to his community and declared that ‘There is no god except Allah (SWT)’ Even if miracles were performed through the Quran, the infidels would not believe because guidance too depends on the will of Allah (SWT), they will be punished for their evil deeds and rejecting the messengers of Allah (SWT).


And if there were a Quran, with which mountains could be moved or with which the earth could be cleaved asunder or with which the dead could be made to speak (even then they would not have believed). No! the command is wholly Allah’s. Then, do not those who believe know, that if Allah had willed He would have guided the whole of mankind? And as for those who do not believe, disaster will not cease to afflict them because of that which they do or it will alight near their houses until the promise of Allah comes to pass, Allah certainly does not go against His promise. (R 4)

“Same to Verse No.30”


And messengers were certainly mocked at before you, but I gave (sufficient) time to those who did not believe, then I caught them. How then was my requital (of evil)?

“Same to Verse No.30”


Then, is He, Who is established on every soul (so as to know) that which it earns, (like those who are powerless)? And they appoint partners for Allah. Say, “”Name them. Or do you wish to inform Him about (something) which He does not know in the earth? Or (is your polytheism just an) expression of words (and nothing else)?”” No! their plans are made to appear fair seeming to those who do not believe and they are turned away from the way, and whom Allah leaves in error, then for him there is no guide.

Allah (SWT) does not have any partner, the polytheists are in error and they will be punished whereas the pious will be in paradise.


For them there is punishment in the life of this world and the punishment of the hereafter is more painful, and they will have no defender against Allah.

“Same to Verse No.33”


The likeness of the garden which is promised to those who guard (against evil): rivers flow beneath it, its food is everlasting and (also) its shade. That is the end of those who guard (against evil) and the end of the infidels is the fire.

“Same to Verse No.33”


And those whom We gave the book are happy because of that which is sent down to you. And from among the parties, is he who does not recognise a part of it. Say, “”I am commanded that I should serve only Allah and that I should not associate partners with Him. Towards Him do I invite and towards Him is my return.””

Muhammed (PBH) is asked to declare that he is free from polytheism.


And thus, have We sent it down (as) a judgment in Arabic, and if you follow their desires after the knowledge which has come to you, (then) you will not have any guardian or defender against Allah. (R 5)

Judgment is to be based on the Quran and not on human desires.


And We had sent messengers before you, and We had given to them wives and offspring; and it was not in (the power of) a messenger to bring a sign without the permission of Allah. For every term (period) there is a prescription (book).

Messengers of Allah (SWT) had wives and children like other human beings and it was not in their power to perform miracles, Allah (SWT) had performed miracles through them. From Musa (PBH) to Isa (PBH) Torah was to be followed as the Divine law from Isa (PBH) to Muhammed (PBH) Injeel was to be followed and from Muhammed (PBH) till the end of the world the Quran is to be followed as Divine law. Every community has a term, the end of which is already recorded.


Allah abolishes what He wills and keeps established (what He wills) and with Him is the original prescription (book).

Allah (SWT) has a book or a record in which He has written down or recorded all things and all events. This does not mean that He cannot change what He has written down as destiny. He can abolish whatever He wills to and retain whatever He wills to as He has power over everything 2:20.