List Of Sura's

And when Ibrahim said, “”My Fosterer! make this a city of security and provide its people with fruits, those who believe from among them in Allah and the period hereafter.”” He (Allah) replied, “”And whoever does not believe, I will provide for him (too), a little (enjoyment), then I will drive him towards the punishment of fire, and it is an evil destination.””

“Ibrahim (PBH) prayed to Allah (SWT) for making Makkah, the city were Kaaba is located, secure and peaceful and to provide only those people with fruits who believe in Allah (SWT) and the life after death. He probably excluded other people from his prayer because when he had earlier asked about his off-spring being made leaders or models, Allah (SWT) had excluded the unjust from His agreement (Chapter: 2 Verse 124). This exhibits the caution exercised by Ibrahim (PBH), he did not like displeasing Allah (SWT) in any way. But Allah (SWT) replied that He would provide a little even to the infidels then He would drive them towards the punishment of fire i.e. hell which is an evil place as a destination. The point that becomes quite obvious from this verse is, that as far as provision i.e. ‘Rizkh’ is concerned Allah (SWT) provides it to everyone, irrespective of his belief or religion, whether he is a believer in His existence or an atheist, but as far as selecting people for His work i.e. leading the community to follow Islam is concerned, He does not select the unjust (Chapter: 2 Verse 124).”