List Of Sura's

An-Naml (The Ant)


In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Our Prophet (PBH), through the very first revelation of the Quran, was ordered:
“Recite in the name of your Fosterer…” (Chapter 96: Verse 1) and the name of his and our Fosterer is Allah (SWT), as is evident from the very first verse of the first chapter of the Quran:
“Praise is due only for Allah (SWT), the Fosterer of the worlds”. (Chapter 1: Verse 1)
In view of this order of Allah (SWT), we should recite/read before starting the recitation or reading of the Holy Quran which is a part of the Quran, occurring at the beginning of 113 out of 114 chapters of the Quran and also as part of Chapter 27: Verse 30 of the Quran. Through Chapter 16: Verse 98, Allah Taala further orders:
“So when you recite/read the Quran, seek the protection of Allah from the accursed devil”.
This means that we are required to pray; (Aoozu Billahi min Ash shaitaanir Rajeem) meaning: “I seek the protection of Allah from the accursed devil”, even before reciting or reading: (Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem)

Shuru Allah ke naam se jo hum per taras kha ker faida pahunchane wala hai


Taa Siin. Those are the signs of the Quran and a book that makes clear,
The Quran makes things clear, it is a source of guidance for and gives good news to the believers who establish Salat, give Zakat and are certain about the life after death


a guidance and good news for the believers,
“Same to Verse No.1”


“Same to Verse No.1”


For those who do not believe in the hereafter, We have certainly made their deeds fair seeming to them, so they blindly wander,
The deeds of those who do not believe in the accountability in the life after death are made to appear good to them but they will be losers in the hereafter.


those are the persons for whom there is a severe punishment and in the hereafter they will be the greatest losers.
“Same to Verse No.4”


And you are certainly made to receive the Quran from the Wise, the Knowing. (P 18 ¾)
Allah (SWT), Who is Wise and Who knows everything has revealed the Quran to Prophet Muhammed (SAWS).


When Musa said to his family, “”I perceive a fire, I will bring information to you from it or I will come to you with a flaming and burning brand, so that you may warm yourselves.””
For details of Musa (PBH) See commentary Chapter:19 Verses 51-55 Page No.416


So when he came to it, a voice was heard that, “”Blessed is whoever is in the fire and whoever is around it and glory be to Allah the Fosterer of the worlds.
“Same to Verse No.7”


“Same to Verse No.7”


“Same to Verse No.7”


nor he who was unjust, then he changed it (with) good after the evil, for I am certainly Protectively Forgiving, Merciful.
“Same to Verse No.7”


And enter your hand into (the opening of) your bosom, it will come out white without any evil. (These are) among the nine signs to Firawn and his people, they are certainly a transgressing people.””
“Same to Verse No.7”


“Same to Verse No.7”


And they knowingly denied it unjustly and proudly while they were certain about it (in) their souls (minds). Then see how the end of those who were corrupt, was (brought about). (R 1)
“Same to Verse No.7”


See word 345. Verse 40. Was this transportation of the throne before the blinking of the eye similar to the present concept of ‘Tele transportation ‘of material objects at the velocity of Electromagnetic radiation?


“Same to Verse No.15”


And his armies of the jinn and human beings and the birds were gathered before Sulaiman and they were formed into ordered ranks,
“Same to Verse No.15”


“Same to Verse No.15”


So he smiled (and) laughed at its statement and said, “”My Fosterer! grant me such orderliness that I should be grateful for Your favour with which You have favoured me and my parents, and that I should do such righteous work which should please You; and admit me by Your mercy, among Your righteous servants.””
“Same to Verse No.15”