List Of Sura's

Al-Mu’min (The Believer)


In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Our Prophet (PBH), through the very first revelation of the Quran, was ordered:
“Recite in the name of your Fosterer…” (Chapter 96: Verse 1) and the name of his and our Fosterer is Allah (SWT), as is evident from the very first verse of the first chapter of the Quran:
“Praise is due only for Allah (SWT), the Fosterer of the worlds”. (Chapter 1: Verse 1)
In view of this order of Allah (SWT), we should recite/read before starting the recitation or reading of the Holy Quran which is a part of the Quran, occurring at the beginning of 113 out of 114 chapters of the Quran and also as part of Chapter 27: Verse 30 of the Quran. Through Chapter 16: Verse 98, Allah Taala further orders:
“So when you recite/read the Quran, seek the protection of Allah from the accursed devil”.
This means that we are required to pray; (Aoozu Billahi min Ash shaitaanir Rajeem) meaning: “I seek the protection of Allah from the accursed devil”, even before reciting or reading: (Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem)

Shuru Allah ke naam se jo hum per taras kha ker faida pahunchane wala hai


Haa Miim.
Haa Miim are Arabic alphabets. Such alphabets appear at the beginning of many Suras. Their meanings are not known, nevertheless they are regarded as part of the Quran.


The sending down of the book is from Allah, the Mighty, the Knowing.
The Quran was sent down by Allah (SWT) whose attributes are mentioned. The infidels dispute about the Divine messages, including the Quran, they will consequently be punished.


Protective Forgiver of sin and Accepter of repentance, Severe in requital, the Bountiful. There is no god except Him, towards Him is the destination.
“Same to Verse No.2”


None dispute concerning the signs of Allah except those who do not believe, so do not let their going to and fro in the cities deceive you.
“Same to Verse No.2”


The people of Nuh and the parties after them had denied earlier to these (people). And all communities had planned against their messenger to catch him and had disputed through falsehood so that they might make the truth to slip off through it, so I (too) caught them. Then how was My retribution?
“Same to Verse No.2”


And thus, the statement of your Fosterer became binding on those who did not believe that they will be the inhabitants of the fire.
“Same to Verse No.2”


Those who bear (the burden of) the throne (of the universe) and those around it, glorify by praising their Fosterer and they believe in Him and seek protective forgiveness for those who believe: “”Our Fosterer! You embrace everything in mercy and knowledge, so protectively forgive those who repent and follow Your way and save them from the punishment of hell.
The prayer of the bearers of the throne for the believers is mentioned.


Our Fosterer! and make them enter the gardens of everlasting bliss which You have promised them, and whoever is righteous from among their fathers and their mates and their descendants, You are certainly the Mighty, the Wise.
“Same to Verse No.7”


And save them from evil deeds, and whom You save from (the consequences of) evil deeds on that day, You have indeed shown mercy to him, and that is the great achievement.”” (R 1)
“Same to Verse No.7”


Those who did not believe will certainly be called out, “Allah’s hatred is greater than your hatred of yourselves (now, because) when you were invited towards belief you rejected.”
The condition of the sinners in the hereafter is described.


They (will) say, “”Our Fosterer! twice have You kept us dead and twice have You given us life, so we confess our sins. So is there any way to get out (from the punishment)?””
“Same to Verse No.10”


That is because, when Allah alone was prayed to (i.e. invoked), you did not believe, and if partners were associated with Him you believed, so judgment belongs to Allah, the High, the Great.
“Same to Verse No.10”


Allah (SWT) provides for us therefore we should pray only to him. He exalts some person to warn people about the accountability of their deeds on the day of judgment on the basis of which they will go to hell or paradise. Allah (SWT) even knows the misusers of eyes. He judges basing his judgment on truth.


So pray to Allah, making religion exclusively for Him even though the infidels dislike.
“Same to Verse No.13”


Exalter of grades, Lord of the throne (of the universe). The spirit is sent down by His command on Whom He wills of His servants, that warning may be given by him concerning the day of meeting.
“Same to Verse No.13”


“Same to Verse No.13”


This day every soul will be rewarded according to what it earned, there will be no injustice this day. Allah is certainly Quick in (settling) the account.
“Same to Verse No.13”


And warn them of the day that is drawing near, when the hearts will be choking near the throats, there will be no intimate friend for those who were unjust nor a mediator who could be obeyed.
“Same to Verse No.13”


He (Allah) knows the misusers of the eyes and that which is hidden in the bosoms.
“Same to Verse No.13”