List Of Sura's

Hud (Hud)


In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Our Prophet (PBH), through the very first revelation of the Quran, was ordered:
“Recite in the name of your Fosterer…” (Chapter 96: Verse 1) and the name of his and our Fosterer is Allah (SWT), as is evident from the very first verse of the first chapter of the Quran:
“Praise is due only for Allah (SWT), the Fosterer of the worlds”. (Chapter 1: Verse 1)
In view of this order of Allah (SWT), we should recite/read before starting the recitation or reading of the Holy Quran which is a part of the Quran, occurring at the beginning of 113 out of 114 chapters of the Quran and also as part of Chapter 27: Verse 30 of the Quran. Through Chapter 16: Verse 98, Allah Taala further orders:
“So when you recite/read the Quran, seek the protection of Allah from the accursed devil”.
This means that we are required to pray; (Aoozu Billahi min Ash shaitaanir Rajeem) meaning: “I seek the protection of Allah from the accursed devil”, even before reciting or reading: (Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem)

Shuru Allah ke naam se jo hum per taras kha ker faida pahunchane wala hai


Alif Laam Raa, (This is) a book, the communications of which are established (in wisdom, decisive), then explained in detail, from One Wise, Informed,

The Quran was communicated by Allah (SWT) Who is Wise and Informed. It contains decisive statements full of wisdom which have also been explained. We should serve only Allah (SWT) and seek His protective forgiveness exhibiting repentance on our faults. He it is Who gracefully provides everything to us, He has power over everything and everyone will return to Him for reward or punishment. He knows everything whether one hides or exposes.


that you should not serve anyone but Allah, I am a warner from Him and a conveyer of good news,

“Same to Verse No.1”


and that you should ask for protective forgiveness from your Fosterer, then turn to Him (in repentance). He provides you with a good provision till an appointed term and bestows His grace on every possessor of grace. But if you turn back, then I fear for you the punishment of the great day.

“Same to Verse No.1”


“Same to Verse No.1”


Beware! they cover up their bosoms doubly that they may hide from Him. Beware! even when they cover themselves with their clothes, He knows that which they hide and that which they make public, He certainly knows the contents of their bosoms. (P 11)

“Same to Verse No.1”


And there is no moving creature in the earth but (the responsibility of) its provision is on Allah, and He knows its place/time of stay and its place/time of departure, everything is in a clear record.

Allah (SWT) feeds every living creature, He knows where it lives and when it will die, He has already written everything in a record.


The purpose of creating the universe is to Test mankind


And if We postpone the punishment from them for a measured period of time, they will definitely say, “”What stops it? Beware! the day it will come on them, nothing will turn it away from them and that which they used to mock at will surround them. (R 1)

No one can stop the punishment of Allah (SWT).


The behavior of human beings during adversity and happiness is described.


And if We make him taste happiness after the harm that afflicted him, he definitely says, “”Evils have gone away from me,”” and he is exultant, boastful,

“Same to Verse No.9”


except those who are patient and do righteous works; those are the persons for whom there is protective forgiveness and a great reward.

“Same to Verse No.9”


Then it may be that you will give up part of that which is communicated to you, and your bosom will become straitened by it, because they say, “”Why has not a treasure been sent down on him or an angel come with him?”” You are only a warner while Allah is the Trustee over everything.

The remarks of the infidels had become a cause of distress for the messenger ofAllah (SWT)


Or they say, “”He has forged it.”” Say, “”Then bring ten chapters like it, forged (if it is humanly possible) and call upon whom you can, besides Allah, (for helping you in forging it), if you are truthful.””

See 10:38


But if they do not respond to you, then know that it has been sent down by the knowledge of Allah and that there is no god but He. Then will you be those who submit (as Muslims)?

“Same to Verse No.13”


Whoever intends the life of this world and its adornment, We will pay them in full for their deeds in (this world) itself and they will not have anything reduced in it.

One who desires the life of this world, Allah (SWT) can pay him here but he would have nothing in the hereafter except punishment.


Those are the persons for whom there is nothing in the hereafter except the fire, and the work which they did in the (world) will be fruitless and that which they used to do will become vain.

“Same to Verse No.15”


Then will he, who is on a clear proof from his Fosterer and a witness from Him reads it to him, and before it (when) there is the book of Musa, (as) a guide and a mercy, (not believe in the Quran)? They will believe in it. And whoever does not believe in it from among the parties, then the fire is his promised place. So do not be in doubt about it, it is certainly the truth from your Fosterer but the majority of human beings does not believe.

The majority of human beings does not believe that the Quran is the truth from Allah (SWT) for which they will be punished. When they know that Musa (PBH) too was given the Torah in a similar manner, they should believe in the Quran.


Those who forge a lie against Allah (SWT) will be presented before Him. These infidels cannot frustrate Allah (SWT) and they will be punished and they will be the losers in the hereafter.


“Same to Verse No.18”