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Al-Munafiqun (The Hypocrites)


In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Our Prophet (PBH), through the very first revelation of the Quran, was ordered:
“Recite in the name of your Fosterer…” (Chapter 96: Verse 1) and the name of his and our Fosterer is Allah (SWT), as is evident from the very first verse of the first chapter of the Quran:
“Praise is due only for Allah (SWT), the Fosterer of the worlds”. (Chapter 1: Verse 1)
In view of this order of Allah (SWT), we should recite/read before starting the recitation or reading of the Holy Quran which is a part of the Quran, occurring at the beginning of 113 out of 114 chapters of the Quran and also as part of Chapter 27: Verse 30 of the Quran. Through Chapter 16: Verse 98, Allah Taala further orders:
“So when you recite/read the Quran, seek the protection of Allah from the accursed devil”.
This means that we are required to pray; (Aoozu Billahi min Ash shaitaanir Rajeem) meaning: “I seek the protection of Allah from the accursed devil”, even before reciting or reading: (Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem)

Shuru Allah ke naam se jo hum per taras kha ker faida pahunchane wala hai


When the hypocrites come to you they say, “”We bear witness that you are certainly a messenger of Allah.”” And Allah knows that you are certainly His messenger and Allah bears witness that the hypocrites are certainly liars (because they do not mean what they say).
The character of hypocrites is described


“Same to Verse No.1”


That is because they believed then became infidels, so a seal was set on their hearts, therefore they do not understand.
“Same to Verse No.1”


And when you see them, their personalities please you and if they speak, you listen to their speech. They are like beams of wood covered with (attractive) garments, they think that every loud cry is against them, they are the enemies, so beware of them. May Allah kill them, how they are turned away (from the truth)!
“Same to Verse No.1”


And when it is said to them, “”Come, the messenger of Allah will seek protective forgiveness for you,”” they turn their heads and you see them turning away and they consider themselves great.
“Same to Verse No.1”


It is equal for them, whether you seek protective forgiveness for them or do not seek protective forgiveness for them, Allah will never forgive them. Allah certainly does not guide the transgressing people.
“Same to Verse No.1”


“Same to Verse No.1”


“Same to Verse No.1”


Believers are given some instructions.


And spend from that which We have provided you, before death comes to one of you (and) then he says, “”My Fosterer! why do you not postpone (this) for me till a near term so that I could give charity and become one of the righteous?””
“Same to Verse No.9”


And Allah never postpones (death for) any soul when its term comes (to an end), and Allah is informed of that which you do. (R 2)
“Same to Verse No.9”