List Of Sura's

Al-Kahf (The Cave)


In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Our Prophet (PBH), through the very first revelation of the Quran, was ordered:
“Recite in the name of your Fosterer…” (Chapter 96: Verse 1) and the name of his and our Fosterer is Allah (SWT), as is evident from the very first verse of the first chapter of the Quran:
“Praise is due only for Allah (SWT), the Fosterer of the worlds”. (Chapter 1: Verse 1)
In view of this order of Allah (SWT), we should recite/read before starting the recitation or reading of the Holy Quran which is a part of the Quran, occurring at the beginning of 113 out of 114 chapters of the Quran and also as part of Chapter 27: Verse 30 of the Quran. Through Chapter 16: Verse 98, Allah Taala further orders:
“So when you recite/read the Quran, seek the protection of Allah from the accursed devil”.
This means that we are required to pray; (Aoozu Billahi min Ash shaitaanir Rajeem) meaning: “I seek the protection of Allah from the accursed devil”, even before reciting or reading: (Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem)

Shuru Allah ke naam se jo hum per taras kha ker faida pahunchane wala hai


The Quran is straight about everything it deals with, it should be used for warning those who do not believe. It gives good news to those who believe and do good.


(and has made it) straight, that He may give warning of a severe punishment from Him, and (convey) good news to the believers who do righteous works, that for them there will be a good reward,
“Same to Verse No.1”


in which they will stay for ever,
“Same to Verse No.1”


“Same to Verse No.1”


Allah (SWT) does not have any son


Allah (SWT) consoles prophet Muhammed (PBH).


We have made that which is on the earth an adornment for it, so that We may test them as to which of them is best in conduct.
The purpose of making the life of this world glamorous is to test human beings as to which of them acts in accordance with the message of Allah (SWT). One day everything on the earth, including its glamorous items, will be destroyed.


“Same to Verse No.7”


These were some Christian young men who had taken shelter in a cave because the king of their time had ordered the killing of all those who refused idol worship (Verses: 15,16). Their number, place and date of the happening are not mentioned probably to indicate the insignificance of details which have no moral value. They were kept sleeping for probably 300 solar years which are equivalent to 309 lunar years [one solar year is 10.95 days longer than a lunar year]. During sleep, they were unconscious of time. This incident hints at life after death and being unconscious of time during death (39:42).


“Same to Verse No.9”


So We prevented them from hearing (and kept them sleeping) in the cave, for a number of years.
“Same to Verse No.9”


Then We raised them up that We might know (mark out) which of the two parties was better at calculating the time for which they stayed.(R1)
“Same to Verse No.9”


“Same to Verse No.9”


and We strengthened their hearts when they stood up and said, “”Our Fosterer is the Fosterer of the skies and the earth, we will never pray to any god besides Him, for then we would have indeed said something far away from truth.
“Same to Verse No.9”


“Same to Verse No.9”


“Same to Verse No.9”


And you would have seen the sun when it rose, move away from their cave to the right and when it set, go past them on the left, and they were in a wide space thereof. That is of the signs of Allah. Whomsoever Allah guides, he (it is who) is (really) guided and whomsoever He leaves in error, then you will never find for him a guardian showing the right way. (R 2)
“Same to Verse No.9”


And you might have thought them to be awake though they were asleep, and We turned them to their right and their left, and their dog lay at the entrance with its paws stretched out. Had you looked at them you would have surely turned away from them in flight, and you would have been filled with terror because of them.
“Same to Verse No.9”


And thus We raised them up that they may ask each other. A speaker from among them said, “”How long have you stayed (here)?”” They said, “”We stayed (here) a day or a part of a day.”” (Others) said, “”Your Fosterer knows best about how long you stayed (here). Now send one of you to the city with this silver coin of yours and let him see what food is pure, then let him come to you with (some) provision from it, and let him be courteous and let no one know about you,
“Same to Verse No.9”