List Of Sura's

“The Physical bodies of those slain in the way of Allah (SWT) were severely wounded still
it is said that they are rejoicing 3:170. This indicates that their souls, (i.e. their Psychical personalities which appear to be abstract and not material due to which we are unable to perceive them), did not feel the pain of the wounds. Receiving provision 3:169 and remembering their friends in this world too are signs of life and consciousness. The Psychical personalities of those slain in the way of Allah (SWT) are probably leading a life resembling our dreams, because their Physical bodies were buried in the earth. It is stated in the Quran that ‘Every soul tastes death’ 3:185. Those who are slain in the way of Allah (SWT) may experience death at the end of this world. 55:26-27 The Psychical personalities of others appear to experience death with the death of their Physical bodies.”