List Of Sura's

“Although Allah (SWT) is the only Supreme Authority there are people who regard other things from His creation as His equals loving them more than Him. Allah (SWT) loves us the proof of which is that He provides us with everything inspite of our faults. The response for love should be love and this requires that we should implement the Quran in accordance with the instructions given by Prophet Muhammed (PBH) 3:31. This type of intense love is displayed only by the believers. When the unjust see the punishment for not obeying Allah (SWT) and His messenger then they will realize the power is totally His. Under these circumstances the leaders will disown their followers who in turn would say that if they were given a chance to lead their life in the world again then they too would disown the leaders. The misleaders and their followers will be full of regrets for all that they did because of their remaining in the fire.”