List Of Sura's

Allah (SWT) created us and those before us, He made the earth suitable for us to live there in and the sky a guarded structure above us (Chapter: 41, Verse 12). He causes the rain to fall from the sky and thereby provides us with water to drink and food to eat, without which we would die. In view of this we are required to serve(worship) only Him and not to set up equals for Him, serving (worshipping), loving and praying to them as we should serve (worship), love and pray to Him. We should not consider anything or anyone as a partner of Allah (SWT), diluting His supremacy as ‘God’. We should exhibit undivided loyalty to Him, We should not raise objects from His creation to the level of His equals because no one is equal to Him (Chapter 112) and everything other than Him is His creation. We should serve (worship) Him alone (Chapter 1: Verse 4) and thereby save ourselves from His punishment. If we serve (worship) something or someone other than Him and set up equals to Him thereby ascribing partners unto Him we will be punished because of the undivided loyalty amounting to polytheism. (Chapter 4: Verse 48)

Verses 1 – 22 Have helped us in defining
1. Mutaqeen–those who restrain themselves from sin fearing Allah (SWT)
2. Momineen–believers
3. Muslimeen–those who submit and practically implement the orders of Allah (SWT) and His messenger (PBH)
4. Munafiqeen–hypocrites.
5. Kafireen–the infidels and
6. Mushrikeen–the polytheists.