List Of Sura's

Human beings were a single community, then Allah sent prophets as conveyers of good news and as warners and sent down with them the book containing the truth, so that it may (serve as a source of) judgment between human beings in (matters) in which they differed. And none differed there in except those who were given (the book containing prescribed laws), after (receiving) the clear proofs which had come to them, (and this they did) due to mutual envy. So Allah by His will, guided those who believed, in those (matters in) which they had differed from the truth. And Allah guides whom He wills towards the straight path.

“All human beings are the great grand children of Adam and Hawwa (PBT) in which sense they form a single community. As the population increased Allah (SWT) sent Prophets with Divine laws for judgment of affairs in which human beings had difference of opinion. This difference of opinion persisted even after receiving the Divine Laws, just because of mutual rivalry, therefore Allah (SWT) guided towards the truth only those who believed in the Divine revelation. Allah (SWT) guides towards the straight path leading to paradise whomever He will. Like provision, no one has any control on guidance too.”