List Of Sura's

Yaa Siin (Yaa Siin)


“Same to Verse No.49”


“Same to Verse No.49”


And he had indeed led astray a large group of people from among you, then were you not having sense?
“Same to Verse No.49”


“Same to Verse No.49”


“Same to Verse No.49”


“Same to Verse No.49”


“Same to Verse No.49”


“Same to Verse No.49”


And he to whom We give a long life, We reverse him in creation (instead of growing he starts decaying). Do they not then understand?
In old age degeneration and decay start.


And We have not taught him (Muhammed) poetry and it is not suitable for him, it is nothing but a reminder and a Quran (that makes things) clear,
Muhammed (PBH) has not been taught poetry, it does not suit his office. The Quran is a reminder and a warning for those who are alive to it.


that he who is alive may be warned and the word may be proved true against the infidels.
“Same to Verse No.69”


Allah (SWT) mentions some of His favours, the benefit we derive from the cattle, we ride some, drink their milk, eat their flesh, use their fur etc. Inspite of this there are some who take other objects for worship who are not capable of helping anyone, including themselves.


And We have subdued them for their (use), so among them are (some on) whom they ride and (some) of them they eat.
“Same to Verse No.71”


And they have (other) benefits in them and drinks. Will they not then be grateful?
“Same to Verse No.71”


“Same to Verse No.71”


They are not capable of helping them, and they (their false gods, supposed to be a) force for them, will (also) be presented (before Allah).
“Same to Verse No.71”


So do not let their speech grieve you, We know that which they keep secret and that which they make public.
Muhammed (PBH) is consoled not to grieve on the speech of the infidels.


Has not man considered that We created him from a sperm* even then he is an open disputant. [* See note no. 1 of chapter 16, Verse 4]
Man forgets his creation from a microscopic sperm and an egg by Allah (SWT) and disputes against his Creator by doubting His capacity of recreation after his death. Man foolishly questions about his recreation not realizing that the One Who created him for the first time from nothing 19:67 can definitely recreate him from his decomposed bones.


And he strikes a similitude for Us and forgets his own creation, saying, “”Who will give life to the bones when they are decomposed?””
“Same to Verse No.77”


Say, “”He will give life to them Who produced them the first time and He knows every (kind of) creation.
“Same to Verse No.77”