List Of Sura's

Al-Fatir (The Initiator of Creation)


“Same to Verse No.19”


“Same to Verse No.19”


“Same to Verse No.19”


Messengers are sent with good news of paradise and to warn about the punishment but many people do not respond to them and are therefore punished.


We have certainly sent you with the truth as a conveyer of good news and a warner and there has been no community but a warner has passed among them.
“Same to Verse No.23”


“Same to Verse No.23”


Then I caught those who rejected. So how was My rejection (of them)? (R 3)
“Same to Verse No.23”


We are invited to reflect on the colours of various things.


And among mankind and (other) living beings and the cattle (too), their colors are different likewise. Only those among His servants fear Allah who have knowledge. Allah is certainly Mighty, Protectively Forgiving.
“Same to Verse No.27”


Those who read (to follow) the book of Allah and establish worship (salat) and spend secretly and openly from that which We have provided them, they certainly hope for a commerce (in which) there will never be a loss,
Some acts of pious people and their rewards are mentioned.


because He will repay them in full their rewards and give them more out of His grace. He is certainly Protectively Forgiving, One Who acknowledges.
“Same to Verse No.29”


The Quran confirm that Divine books were sent down earlier too.


Then We made those to inherit the book, whom We chose from among Our servants. So among them are those who are unjust to their own souls and among them are those who are moderate and among them are those who are foremost in good deeds by the order of Allah, that is the great grace (of Allah),
The categories of people who inherit Divine books are described.


gardens of everlasting bliss which they will enter, they will be made to wear therein bracelets of gold and pearls and their garments therein will be (of) silk.
Those who are good will land in paradise.


And they will say, “”Praise is due only for Allah Who has removed grief from us, Our Fosterer is certainly Protectively Forgiving, One Who acknowledges,
“Same to Verse No.33”


“Same to Verse No.33”


And those who do not believe, for them is the fire of hell, it will neither bring the end of them that they may die, nor (something) of its punishment be lightened on them, thus will We reward every infidel.
The condition of the infidels in hell is described.


And therein they will cry for help, “”Our Fosterer! take us out, we will do righteous work, other than that which we used to do.”” (They will be answered). “” Did We not keep you alive to the extent that he who wanted to be mindful in it could have been mindful? And the warner (too) came to you, so taste (the penalty), and for those who are unjust there is no helper.”” (R 4)
“Same to Verse No.36”


Allah is certainly the Knower of the unseen of the skies and the earth, He is certainly the Knower of that which is in the bosoms.
Allah (SWT) knows everything.


He it is Who has made you successors in the earth. So he who does not believe, on him is (the responsibility of) his infidelity, and their infidelity does not increase for the infidels, in the sight of their Fosterer, anything but hatred, and their infidelity does not increase for the infidels anything but loss.
It is very clear from this verse that the whole mankind has been made the successors (or rulers) of the earth and not just Adam (PBH), their great grand father and the first man 7:27, 49:13. Therefore it is the responsibility of all human beings to follow the Divine message, the final form of which is the Quran, to establish the kingdom of Allah (SWT). For doing this Allah (SWT) has subdued all the concerned energies before man by making the angels, who are in charge of various energies, bow down before Adam (PBH) representing all his children – the mankind 2:30-34, the proof of which is the scientific and technological progress of man. He who does not believe in establishing the kingdom of Allah (SWT) based on His Divine laws or he who resists such an effort is an infidels, Whom Allah (SWT) hates and therefore he will be at a loss.