List Of Sura's

Al-Fatir (The Initiator of Creation)


False gods have not created anything, they do not have any partnership in the kingdom of Allah (SWT) and their worship is not based on any proof.


Allah certainly holds together the skies and the earth lest they get separated and if they get separated, no one other than Him can hold both of them together. He is certainly Clement, Protectively Forgiving.
The expanding universe is trying to throw the heavenly bodies away while their mutual gravitational force is offering equal resistance, tending to collapse the universe. The critical balance between these two forces is maintained by Allah (SWT) Who can any time disturb it and end the universe.


And they swore by Allah the strongest of their oaths, that if a warner came to them they would definitely be better guided than any of the (other) communities, but when a warner came to them, it did not increase in them anything but hatred.
Opponents of Prophet Muhammed (PBH) are addressed.


They consider themselves great in the earth and plan evil, and the evil plan does not engulf anyone except the authers of it. So do they wait for anything, except the procedure (in which) the ancients (were treated)? Then you will never find a change in the procedure of Allah and you will never find an alteration in the procedure of Allah.
“Same to Verse No.42”


“Same to Verse No.42”


And if Allah were to catch human beings for that which they earned (of sin), He would not have left on the surface of the (earth, any) of the moving creatures, but He gives them time till an appointed term, but when their term comes (to an end, He will catch them) because Allah is certainly One Who sees His servants. (R 5)
“Same to Verse No.42”