List Of Sura's

Ash-Shura (The Counsel)


Whoever intends (to have the) tilth of the hereafter, We give increase to him in his tilth (Reward), and whoever intends to have the tilth of this world, We give it to him from it but he has no portion in the hereafter.
Allah (SWT) can give the reward of good deeds in the hereafter, or in this world itself, but in this case there will be no benefit in the hereafter.


Or have they partners who have made a law of religion for them, for which Allah has not given (any) permission? And had a decisive statement not been made, it would have been judged between them and for those who are unjust, there will certainly be a painful punishment.
The unjust will be punished and the righteous will be rewarded.


“Same to Verse No.21”


That is (the reward about) which Allah conveys the good news to His servants who believe and do righteous works. Say, “”I do not ask you for a reward for it, but love among relatives.”” And whoever earns good We will give him more of good therein. Allah is certainly Protectively Forgiving, One Who acknowledges.
“Same to Verse No.21”


Or do they say, “”He has forged a lie against Allah.”” (If such a forgery is done), then if Allah wills, He will put a seal on your heart; and Allah will abolish the falsehood and prove the truth by His words. He is certainly the Knower of the contents of the bosoms.
The Quran cannot be polluted with falsehood.


Allah (SWT) mentions some of His powers.


And He responds to those who believe and do righteous works and He gives them more out of His grace; and the infidels, for them there is a severe punishment.
“Same to Verse No.25”


And if Allah were to enlarge the provision of His servants they would rebel in the earth, but He sends down according to a program that which He wills, He is certainly informed of, and seeing His servants.
“Same to Verse No.25”


“Same to Verse No.25”


And among His signs is the creation of the skies and the earth and that which He has spread in them from among the living beings, and He has the power to gather them, when He wills. (R 3, P 24 ¼)
“Same to Verse No.25”


“Same to Verse No.25”


“Same to Verse No.25”


“Same to Verse No.25”
This comparison appears to be a hint to mankind that mountains too extend deep into the earth like ships in water.


If He wills, He can make the wind stationary so that the (ships) remain motionless on its back*. Certainly, there are signs in that for every patient grateful one. [* Surface of the sea]
“Same to Verse No.25”


Or He can cause them to perish due to that which they earned, but He pardons much.
“Same to Verse No.25”


And (let) those who dispute concerning Our signs know (that) there is no escape for them.
“Same to Verse No.25”


So anything that you are given, is only a (temporary) provision for the life of this world, and that which is with Allah is better and more lasting for those who believe and put their trust in their Fosterer,
Hereafter is better for the righteous whose qualities are mentioned.


“Same to Verse No.36”


and those who respond to their Fosterer and establish worship (salat) and their affairs (are decided by) counsel among themselves and they spend from that which We have provided them,
“Same to Verse No.36”


“Same to Verse No.36”